Is a chance to reflect!

Prayer space runs as a weekly lunchtime club voluntarily attended, in turn, by each class in school. We aim to give children a safe and imaginative space to explore how they are feeling, how others might be feeling and how they can connect with God. Using different themes, such as Hope, Friendship and Forgiveness we offer a variety of creative ways for them to think, create and pray.


Is a chance to let go!

JAM (Jesus and Me) Club is back! Children in Y1–Y6 can join us on our amazing journey of exploration about Jesus and the Bible with stories, games, art, songs and all sorts of fun activities!


Your Guide To Moving To Secondary School

A Summer Term project aimed at Year 6 pupils who are about to make the transition of moving up to secondary school the following term, the project consists of a whole school assembly on the subject of 'moving on', and an interactive lesson for Year 6s to help them think through and tackle some of their thoughts or concerns about making that move.