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Peter Spencer & Carolyn Bradbury


BSCT supports East Riding College at both the Beverley and Bridlington campus.  We provide tutorials on British Values, covering topics such as ‘Mutual Respect’, ‘Democracy’ and ‘The Rule of Law’ and also Equality and Diversity, covering topics such as ‘Spirituality’, ‘Truth’ and most recently ‘Destiny’.

We have also facilitated workshops on The Rule of Law involving a local magistrate.  In these extended sessions, students are given case studies based on real life and invited to consider the process of trial and sentencing.


The topic of Destiny was added to the Equality & Diversity Suite and delivered for the first time in February 2017.  This is a Biblically based session which asks the question whether life has any significance outside the boundaries of mortal existence.  The group are told the story of how a young girl, having been born to a Jewish family in Hamburg in the late 1920’s, escapes the Holocaust and is brought up in England. 

The sessions are enthusiastically supported by both students and staff.  The style is lively and participatory.


For further information please download our Information sheet below.



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