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Name: Cathy Beynon


Job Title: Primary School Worker



Cathy has been working for BSCT now since 2009. Initially, she covered maternity leave as a Secondary Schools Worker in Longcroft School and Beverley High School. Cathy loved building relationships with the young people and being there for them in their teenage years in school.


Cathy now works in the Primary Schools alongside Hannah and 21 dedicated volunteers from 9  local Churches. Each week together they run lunchtime activity clubs with a bible story, game, song and craft for around 300 children. Prayer spaces take place in two local schools, where children enthusiastically engage in activities designed to help them explore their spirituality within a Christian context. 


Cathy's passion is to see children and young people find a faith in God, which they own, which is real to them and which will carry them into adulthood.


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